Gimana caranya biar gak jadi penakut?

My office buddy asked me that. It’s a weird and funny question, I was going to laugh. But since she said it with serious face, I asked her back, “Why you ask that?”. Then, she told me about her fear of ghost. There is a term in Sundanese for it, “borangan”. She said, she is […]

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Living with your neighbors.

I’ve been married for almost 2 years. In about a month after I got married, me and my husband moved to a whole new neighborhood. At the early months, we didn’t have many friends. Especially my husband. Our only people we talked to (and by talked to means, saying hi every time we met and […]

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I used to write all the time.

I don’t write anymore. I used to write all the time. I really loved it. I sent those sentence to my friend, dr. Mega. I forgot what exactly she said, but I guess it is “That’s a sign of depression”. And I was like, wwwhhhaaattt??? Then she said, “It’s only one of many signs” So, […]

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Best Man’s Speech

Hai, gara2 kemaren nulis soal Sherlock, jadi keingetan soal best man’s speech waktu dr. John Watson nikah (whoops sorry spoiler). I really loves it, therefore I want to share it with you guys. I’m afraid, John, I can’t congratulate you. All emotions, and in particular love, stand opposed to the pure, cold reason I hold […]

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Sherlock (2010 – Present)

At first, I was going to write review of Sillicon Valley, but this bestie of mine, whom I guess, the only person who would read this blog, Fathur, asked me to write about Sherlock. He’s already seen it actually. I don’t understand why he wants me to write a review about it. But, it’s okay […]

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Scandal (2012 – Present)

Hi everyone, it’s been a while, eh? Well, it almost been 2 years actually. So what’s up with the chit chat, let’s go right to the point. I’m gonna review this TV Series, Scandal. Usually, I go over the details like, the cast, director, etc but now I just gonna straight to what I think […]

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7 years

July 2005. First time we met. Bukan, bukan sama tunangan gw. Tapi teman – teman yang ribut, bawel, dan mudah galau. Aci, Dian, Indri, n Yoni. Awalnya memang ga terlalu dekat, tapi lama2 banyak hal yg mendekatkan kita. Padahal kita berbeda satu sama lainnya. Sekarang gw ga akan cerita gimana satu sama lain ketemu dan […]

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Saung Wargi

Di kantor gw, ga ada jatah cuti. Jadi, kadang sebulan sekali gw suka bikin alesan buat bolos kerja. Apalagi klo dalam sebulan ga ada tanggal merah sama sekali, ato dalam sebulan, gw ga pernah absen. It feels like I should reward my self, take a day off. Hehhe. Kebetulan di Bulan April ini, ada tanggal […]

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BB VS iPhone VS Android

Siang hari gw lagi baca2 9gag. Ada posting soal Zoe Thomson, gadis 8 tahun yang jago banget main gitar. Begitu liat videonya di YouTube, ternyata memang beneran keren. Gw iseng kasihin linknya ke si Fathur ma Hana. Nah, Fathur katanya ga bisa buka YouTube di kantornya, then I said “liat di handphone aja, oooppss I […]

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Kampung Sampireun, Natural Beauty Hideaway

After our engagement on oct 9th 2011, we decided to take a short break from our hectic routine. Yeah, busy busy day and very very tiring routine. Him with his on-call-24-hours-system-engineer, and me with my irritating boss,crazy college schedule,and not forget to mention the-never-ending-household-work. Usually, when he want a vacation, he want something challenging, something […]

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