Scandal (2012 – Present)

Hi everyone, it’s been a while, eh? Well, it almost been 2 years actually. So what’s up with the chit chat, let’s go right to the point. I’m gonna review this TV Series, Scandal. Usually, I go over the details like, the cast, director, etc but now I just gonna straight to what I think about it, if you would like to now the details, you can look for it on Wiki or any site. So, here you go, fellas.

The story is about a group of people who called themselves,the fixer. This fixer, Olivia Pope Associates, who always referred themselves as gladiator, handle every scandal that happens to their client. The leader, Olivia Pope have this genius and brilliant ways to fix and handle their client’s scandal. This series is sooo awesome, I go crazy on every episode, complementing how genius the way Olivia Pope handle the scandals. The intrigue, political drama, really makes us addicted to the series. Every characters have a strong identity and personality. And there is no good or bad team in this story, no right or wrong. In some drama series, the main characters is protagonist, and describe as really good person and won’t do any bad things, or the reverse, the main characters is antagonist, very evil and won’t do any good things. But here there is no good side or bad side. Even the Olivia Pope character is flawed, she is selfish, and stubborn, hahha.

The Cast

There is this one character whom I love so much, (sorry from this, you’ll find some spoiler, you better stop reading if you don’t want it, hehhe), is Millicent “Mellie” Grant. The First Lady. The President, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III “Fitz” (fictional of course, you’re not expecting real life Obama story here), having an affair with Olivia Pope. The First Lady handle every problem that comes in her way to become a good wife, so good, smart , but also have this devious side in her. I like her better than Olivia Pope who in latest episode getting nagger and nagger to her mistress, The President, everything have to go her way, and try to control everything. Meanwhile, she is not always making good decision, even end up bad. So I kinda dislike this Olivia Pope character, hahha.Totally in my opinion guys big grin

Watching it makes me know a lot more about political drama. How political elite use media to build people’s opinion. Like, when The President was shot, and still unconscious, but his team want world to know that he already conscious. The team pay someone, to speak to a journalist, in casual way, that The President told him a joke right after he woke up, then set interview with The First Lady with a lot of sobbing stories about his husband and symphatize people about it. Or, how every candidate in election throw black campaign to each others, how the candidates are getting so many help from their campaign team. And even the candidates sometimes just do whatever their teams asked to do. Also, watching it makes me know how the public figure handles their scandals. How to hide an affair, child outside marriage, etc.


I know it’s a fictional drama, but I’m sure the reality does not go far away from it. And anyhow this series is very entertaining, fun to watch, you can’t miss it for the world, hehhe. But, I’ve got to be honest, just many series before it, it’s not getting good on third season. When I reached third season, it’s getting boring and Olivia Pope’s character too annoying I just won’t handle it anymore, hahha. Still, you have to watch it, well at least until you tired of it.

Fun fact : well, not that fun actually, hehhe. This series is brought to you by the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes, she really is genius in creating a story.

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