I used to write all the time.

I don’t write anymore.
I used to write all the time.
I really loved it.

I sent those sentence to my friend, dr. Mega. I forgot what exactly she said, but I guess it is “That’s a sign of depression”. And I was like, wwwhhhaaattt???
Then she said, “It’s only one of many signs” So, yeah, I guess I’m not really depressed.

I woke up that day, suddenly it crossed my mind, I don’t write anymore. Then I felt, empty. I was like missing something. Something fulfilling. Tough the fact is I never really serious in writing. I just write everything I want to write. It’s not like I write some good poetry, or some deep short story. But I used to write what I feel about basically everything. Now, I don’t.

Now, I’m going to start again.

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