Gimana caranya biar gak jadi penakut?

My office buddy asked me that. It’s a weird and funny question, I was going to laugh. But since she said it with serious face, I asked her back, “Why you ask that?”. Then, she told me about her fear of ghost. There is a term in Sundanese for it, “borangan”. She said, she is a borangan person and turns out, their kids too. Her husband said it’s her fault the kids became borangan. Hence, she asked me, “Do you afraid of ghost? How to overcome it?” So, here is my answer :

I’m not saying I’m not afraid of ghost. I choose to not care about it. When I was 17 years old, I have to faced the fact that my family is broke, my Mom is dying in hospital bed, my Big Sister already moved out of the house with her husband and her newly born daughter, my Dad was not like he used to anymore, and my Lil’ Sister still in junior high school, can’t expect anything from her. So, think about it, do you think I still have time to afraid of ghost? Do you think I still have to time to wondering, is that the whispering sound I hear at the hospital hallway is a ghost? Of course not, all the time I have, I spend it to think about my Mom, the hospital bill that our family have to pay, my Dad’s condition, and other real things which I have to dealt with. Then my Mom died, another problem rises up, again, do you think I still have time to afraid of ghost? No, I prefer to deal with real shit that happening to me.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in ghost, being smug about it or in Sundanese term “Sompral”. I just simply choose to not care about it. I have more real shit happening, which have real effect in my life. Ghosts? in most cases, it’s all in you head. People who said afraid of ghost mostly, well, all of borangan people I know, never really meet, or see the ghost. But the problems? They are real, I better use my time to think about solution to my problems, shit I have to dealt with, than use it for thinking about ghost. Even my husband who once admit he has seen ghosts, he just “Oh okay”. Tough we also think that maybe it was just a hallucination.

So, having a problematic life turned out to be useful too. Teach us a lot. My former Boss once said, “If you have $1000 debt, you won’t be afraid of kuntilanak, or any kind of ghosts, you’ll be too busy looking for money to pay the debt” laughinglaughing

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  1. fathur says:

    The only thing that certain are death and taxes,
    So the solution to overcome fear, make a huge debt

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